Here are the full results for all candidates who stood in the general election across Buckinghamshire. 

We show the number of votes they received and their share of the vote by percentage.

We also show the turnout and the number of spoiled or rejected ballots.


Laura Elizabeth Kyrke-Smith: Labour: 15,081 votes: 30 per cent

Rob Butler: Conservative: 14,451 votes: 29 per cent

Steve Lambert: Liberal Democrats: 10,440 votes: 21 per cent 

Lesley Ann Taylor: Reform: 6,746 votes: 14 per cent

Julie Atkins: Green: 2,590 votes: Five per cent

Jan Gajdos: Workers: 516 votes: One per cent

Richard Lewis Wilding: Social Democratic: 116 votes: Zero per cent

Seats: One

Total votes: 49,940

Electorate: 79,169

Number of ballot papers issued: 50,154

Number of ballot papers rejected: 213

Turnout: 63 per cent


Joy Morrissey: Conservative: 18,494 votes: 39 per cent

Anna Victoria Crabtree: Liberal Democrats: 13,039 votes: 27 per cent

Matthew John Patterson: Labour: 7,216 votes: 15 per cent

John Halsall: Reform: 6,055 votes: 13 per cent

Dominick Sebastian Luke Pegram: Green: 1,977 votes: Four per cent

Pippa Allen: Independent: 710 votes: One per cent

Catherine Harker: Social Democratic: 131 votes: Zero per cent

Cole Derek Antony Caesar: Independent: 104 votes: Zero per cent

Seats: One

Total votes: 47,726

Electorate: 72,751

Number of ballot papers rejected: 162

Chesham & Amersham

Sarah Louise Green: Liberal Democrats: 24,422 votes: 45 per cent

Gareth David Williams: Conservative: 18,971 votes: 35 per cent

Laurence Jarvis: Reform: 5,310 votes: 10 per cent

Chris Chilton: Labour: 3,502 votes: Six per cent

Justine Collette McPherson Fulford: Green: 1,673 votes: Three per cent

Muhammad Pervez Khan: Workers: 446 votes: One per cent

Julian David Foster: Heritage: 111 votes: Zero percent 

Seats: One 

Total votes: 54,455

Electorate: 74,889

Number of ballot papers rejected: 161

Mid Buckinghamshire

Greg Smith: Conservative: 20,150 votes: 37 per cent

Anja Schaefer: Liberal Democrats: 14,278 votes: 26 per cent

Carissma Griffiths: Labour: 9,171 votes: 17 per cent

Stephanie Harwood: Reform: 6,926 votes: 13 per cent

Greg Smith: Green: 2,942 votes: Five per cent

Yvonne Wilding: Social Democratic: 337 votes: One per cent

Wisdom Methodious Da Costa: Climate Party: 147 votes: Zero per cent

Seats: One

Total votes: 53,951

Electorate: 75,622

Number of ballot papers issued: 54,182

Number of ballot papers rejected: 231


Emma Reynolds: Labour: 16,035 votes: 36 per cent

Steve Baker: Conservative: 11,444 votes: 26 per cent

Richard Phoenix: Reform: 4,789 votes: 11 per cent

Toni Belinda Brodelle: Liberal Democrats: 4,236 votes: Nine per cent

Khalil Ahmed: Workers: 3,344 votes: Seven per cent

Catherine Bunting: Green: 2,193 votes: Five per cent

Ajaz Rehman: Independent: 1,913 votes: Four per cent

Ed Gemmell: Climate: 489 votes: One per cent

Mark Smallwood: Independent: 214 votes: Zero per cent

Seats: One

Total votes: 44,637

Electorate: 73,415

Number of ballot papers issued: 44,811

Number of ballot papers rejected: 174