A Beaconsfield resident who described the recent pothole repairs along his street as a ‘bodge job’ says he feels ‘insulted’ at the level of work that has been carried out.

Andy Gibson, who lives Walkwood Rise, had first notified the issues on his road via the Fix My Street website, but revealed it took about ‘nine months a three reports’ to the get problems noticed by the council.

He has since told the Free Press that he believes his initial report ‘may be even longer’.

However, at the beginning of this month, workers were spotted along the street but to his shock, they did not efficiently fix the potholes.

The repair crew were caught on camera tepidly filling in the holes with tarmac without rolling it into the ground.

They were also spotted putting ‘spray’ over some of the holes.

Mr Gibson said he felt ‘insulted’ at the ‘lack of consideration’ of those conducting the repairs.

He told the Free Press: “I’ve lived here since 1998 and my neighbour has bene here since 1996.

“In that time, this road has never been properly fixed.

“It’s always been a bodge job.

“When they came last week, the workers walked passed about half a dozen potholes to fix the one that I had reported on, as it a marker around it.

“They are taking the mick out of the council and the taxpayers.

“They don’t take you seriously and the workers are doing the bare minimum.”

Mr Gibson’s anger was then increase after his partner recorded a video showing the workers seemingly not fixing the hole properly before heading further down the street.

In all, the clip lasted nearly 90 seconds, and the resident wants answers from Buckinghamshire Council into why the repairs have not been efficiently conducted.

He continued: “My partner’s son who lives with us is a tarmac worker.

“We showed him the video and he thinks it’s a temporary fix

“I just feel insulted because where is all my money going?

“I pay every year £3,800 in council tax which is around £300 a month as I’m in Band G – that’s one of the highest brackets.

“And what do I get out of it?

“They’re not doing a good job in spending my money wisely.

“It’s frustrating because why bother walking past all the potholes and do the one that I reported?

“It’s insulting and it’s a lack of consideration.”

Steven Broadbent, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “We thank the resident for making us aware of this repair.

"Clearly using a boot to flatten a repair, even a temporary one, is not our approved method and should not happen.

"We will be reviewing this with the crew involved and are also looking into the time taken for this repair to happen.

"Corrective action will be taken and we apologise that this isn’t up to our usual high standards."