A superb achievement has been made by 25 talented local dancers. 

In March, they were chosen to be part of the 90-strong cast of English Youth Ballet’s (EYB’s) production of Sleeping Beauty. 

Darcey Marshall, age 8, said “I started dance classes on my second birthday, I’d been waiting to turn two so I could join my sister in her Saturday ballet and tap class. 

"The best thing about being a dancer is the feeling you get at the end of the school day knowing that the next thing is dance, I love that, knowing my favourite thing is yet to come.  When I’m dancing I feel happy, I forget people are watching. 

"At EYB, I am hoping to learn some new ballet technique and improve my performance skills. 

"I love dance, I attend 11 classes a week across two different schools. I’ve made lots of friends and love my teachers, it’s the best part of my week.”

The young cast were selected in hugely competitive auditions.  They are currently experiencing the life of a professional dancer in rehearsals. 

They are super excited, as they will perform alongside international professional dancers in English Youth Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty at the Wycombe Swan Theatre from August 9 to 10 2024.

Anna Standish, age 18, said “Following in my sister’s footsteps, I began dance lessons in ballet and tap when I was 5 years old. I have always enjoyed the unique combination of athleticism and creativity that dance inspires.

"I love being part of a team working towards a performance. It is very satisfying and rewarding seeing everyone’s hard work and collaboration in the performance. I also love the process of learning new skills from others and then mastering them.

At EYB, Ms Standish said she is hoping to improve her technique during the daily classes, working specifically on her turns and leaps.

She said she looks forward to learning from both the teachers and her peers during the rehearsals.

She continued "The performances will be a great opportunity to gain confidence in my skills and character work. EYB is such an incredible experience and I cannot wait to make the most of it.

"I hope to continue dancing at university in the autumn, where I will be studying German. I would like to explore new and different styles, such as modern contemporary dance. Dance has and always will be an important part of my life.”