Wexham Park hospital staff have been praised for their quick response and ‘astounding’ care after a councillor suffered a collapsed lung.

Paul Griffin headed for A&E after feeling ‘something go’ in his chest on Monday, June 17. But just five days after his ordeal he said he felt ‘better than ever’ – and put it down to the staff at Wexham Park.

He said: “Thanks to them I have gone from a life-threatening emergency on Monday to feeling better than ever five days later.

“What is that worth in money? If it was costed I bet I couldn’t afford it.  5-Star, world-class and astounding.”

The Buckinghamshire councillor almost considered not attending A&E after experiencing chest pains following a coughing fit, fearing he’d be left ‘sitting in a plastic chair all day’ in a waiting room.

Instead, he says he saw a doctor some 45 minutes after arriving – and was operated on by around 1pm.

Councillor Griffin said his after care was just as good, as he was given ‘more attention than a naked celebrity.’ He said: “I simply cannot speak highly enough of this team.

“It’s like those formation air displays of old, the timing and perfection are both awesome and it almost makes being poorly a pleasure.”

He added: “We all know there are issues with the NHS and we all know that generally things could be better but if there’s one thing I can say from first-hand experience it’s simply this – there is absolutely nothing wrong with those at the sharp end of delivering world-class service on time and with more care and attention to detail than I bet you’d find in any world-class hotel.”