Chesham Town Council staff were shouted at by residents after Moor Road and surrounding areas were flooded at the weekend, a Buckinghamshire councillor has said.

Jane MacBean, who represents the Chiltern Ridges ward, said people entered Chesham Town Hall this week to angrily vent their frustration over the flooding.

In a statement, she wrote: “That is entirely unacceptable, and I am ashamed that people from our town have behaved in this way.

“Our Town Hall staff are residents and care just as much as the rest of us about what happens in Chesham and they should not, under any circumstances, be subject to any abuse.

“I appreciate that residents are concerned about the situation and angry that stronger action hasn’t been taken sooner but can we all conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner please.”

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Cllr MacBean provided the update in relation to the flooding in a Facebook post to Chesham residents on Tuesday, July 9.

Some residents in Chesham have also blamed the flooding on a lack of river maintenance, including in the channel of the Lords Mill Pond.

River maintenance was mentioned by a user who reported the flooding in and around Moor Road through Bucks Council’s ‘fix my street’ service on Saturday morning.

They said: “The river is severely blocked by a lot of vegetation growth – which never used to be there – so the water just pours over the sides onto the road, causing major flooding.

“This will result in the road breaking up and causing Buckinghamshire Council more expense if the river is not sorted out very soon! The lack of planned maintenance is yet again the culprit.”

Cllr MacBean said that Bucks Council officers held a meeting to discuss the situation on Tuesday and that the local area technician had visited the area to monitor flooding on the roads and check emergency signage.

The flooding has been blamed on high water levels in the River Chess caused by heavy rain on Friday, July 5, and existing high groundwater levels caused by this year’s wet weather.

Both of these factors led to river water backing up through the highways drainage system, according to councillor MacBean.

She explained that Bucks Council’s highways team were aiming to deploy a ‘bung’ – which seals gullies to stop them backing up – as soon as possible ahead of further rain.

The technician has also placed sandbags behind a gully to reduce further backing up and alongside the channel to try to ‘minimise overtopping’.

Flood warning boards and slippery surface signs for the footway are also in place, with the footway and Moor Road to remain open under the observation of the council.

Talks between Bucks Council, the Environment Agency and Chesham Town Council about the situation remain ongoing.