TWO heritage projects have received nearly £10,000 extra funding from the National Lottery.

The projects, Ponds on The Common at Penn Street and Winchmore Hill, and Restoration of Mediaeval Tiles in Penn Church, will receive the cash boost under the Natural Heritage sector of the Local Heritage Initiative scheme.

The Ponds on Commons scheme has been granted £4,082, and all work will be undertaken by Penn Parish Council.

The aim of the project is to enable the public to have access to all three of the restored ponds one of which is on private land.

The other project, Restoration of Mediaeval Tiles in Penn Church, aims to collect and restore mediaeval Penn tiles to the church, and to help people become more aware of the local and national significance of the Penn tiles.

Kevin Haugh, the Countryside Agency's Local Heritage Initiative Advisor for the South East and London region, said: "I am really pleased to see both these projects now getting underway.

"The Penn tiles project has a clear focus on raising awareness of an industry which brought great prosperity to the area and the Ponds on Commons project will be beneficial to the local people as well as ensuring the future management of these heritage features."

The LHI grant scheme is designed to help local groups investigate, explain and care for their local landscape, landmarks, traditions and culture.