A VILLAGE co-operative has raised £22,000 in just over a month in an effort to extend the local shop.

Jordans Village Store wants to extend its premises in anticipation of increased pressure from the planned new Tesco in Gerrards Cross.

The planned extension will enable the store to stock a wider range of goods, and will increase the sales space by 25 per cent.

Alan Sealy, chairman of the Jordans Village Store Management Committee, said that with an annual profit of between £1,000 and £3,000, the store could not possibly raise the £30,000 needed for the extension itself.

The villagers are raising the money by either buying shares in the shop or by making donations.

At present, about 160 of the 261 villagers own shares in the store.

Mr Sealy added: "In modern society, the normal way to meet new people is via your kids or a dog.

"Jordans does not have a pub so the shop is another way for people to meet.

"It is also a valuable facility for older people in the village."

Bryan Burrows, who has been manager at the shop for 18 years, said the store is an integral part of village life.

He added: "We have no church or pub in the village and without the shop Jordans would just become a dormitory village. The extension will help us to provide more lines, and we will be able to stock the up-to-date goods that people want to buy."