A PENSIONER described police as 'money for old rope' after waiting over a month for a reply to letters he sent them asking about a crime he reported.

Kenneth Redrup claims one of his letters about a bicycle theft outside his flat in Bourne End has still not been answered more than a month after sending it.

The 72-year-old, of the warden-controlled flats at Orchard House, Spring Gardens, sent two letters.

The first was posted around six weeks ago and one around three weeks ago.

He said: "The paper boy had come to visit us and had leaned his bike against the hedge opposite our flat.

"A witness saw someone riding it but I haven't heard anything from the police since it was reported."

He said he sent the first letter to ask what had happened and then a second asking for a reply, but nothing dropped through his letter box from the police.

Mr Redrup, said: "As far as the boy who has lost his bike is concerned I think this is very poor. If they help to solve little crimes, they can help to clear up bigger ones as well.

"It just feels like the person who stole it has got away with it. All I asked the police for was a reply."

And he described police in his letter of complaint to the Midweek as 'money for old rope'.

Kate Spark, spokesman for Thames Valley Police, said: "We are sorry Mr Redrup is unhappy with the service he received. The matter is being investigated and we would urge him to contact the duty inspector at High Wycombe Police Station if he has further concerns."