ARSONISTS turned a minibus for the disabled into a fire ball and police believe they could be responsible for scrawling the word 'spastic' nearby.

The burnt wreckage of the minibus, a lifeline for those with physical and mental difficulties, was all that was left after the recent spate of attacks by vandals.

The culprits set the specially-adapted Mercedes bus ablaze last Friday as it was parked outside The Endeavour Adult Centre, in Cameron Road, Chesham.

Jenny Sleight, spokesman for Buckinghamshire County Council, which is responsible for running the centre, said: "This has caused a lot of upset and inconvenience.

"The staff there are very dedicated and are working hard to make sure everyone can get transport into the centre.

"They have also lost the specialist equipment such as harnesses for the wheelchairs which were in the bus.

"This is a very nasty thing to have happened. It has caused the people who go to the centre a lot of distress and we have now had to step up security."

The arson attack comes within two months of another attempt to set the bus on fire on November 1 and the cruel graffiti which vandals daubed on the floor of the car park on October 1.

Police sergeant Julian Heard, said: "These are horrible crimes because they are depriving the disabled of their lifeline to get around.

"It is just a totally selfish act and I would urge anyone who has any information on any of these incidents to come forward and speak to the police."

Anyone with information should contact Steve Eady at Amersham police station on (01494) 465888.