We’re having a rather spooky time in the Wycombe area at the moment with sightings of UFO’s and the re-appearance of the Beast of Bucks.

As a result of my interest in astronomy I have spent many a night outside with my telescope looking skywards and have seen everything the sky has to offer apart from one thing - a UFO. I would really like to see one because it would confirm my belief there is life elsewhere which due to probability must be the case.

Of course there is one other “apparition” common to this area that nobody has seen for a while. I am of course referring to the “Green Man of Hughenden” who, as far as I’m aware, was last sighted twice in the autumn of 1986 in Four Ashes Road at the top of Cryers Hill.

Many years ago when I was young and youthful I would go for midnight bike rides along the country lanes of Buckinghamshire "ghost hunting" but sadly I never saw the Green Man, the Beast of Bucks or any UFO’s.

Personally I have only ever had one unexplained experience and that was many years ago. While cycling up Chapel Hill into Speen just after midnight on a clear dark night a strange object came whooshing down the hill towards me at great speed. It was not a car or motorbike and did not have any lights on so would have been unable to see where it was going. Quickly I turned my bicycle around and went after it at high speed but never saw it again.