THE vicious assault on innocent taxi driver Mohammed Amin is a despicable and cowardly act.

What sort of animals decide to kick a man's face in when all he's trying to do is get on with his job and take home enough money to support his family?

Mr Amin could not take the two men who attacked him because he was on his way to another job. But instead of taking up Mr Amin's kind offer of a lift ten minutes later, the two thugs decided to break his nose.

This sort of incident should send a shiver down all of our spines. If grown men are prepared to punish a fellow human being so severely for such a slight inconvenience then how safe are we?

Who's to say you won't get punched and kicked the next time you're in town just because you don't hold a door open for someone or someone takes offence to the way you look?

It is absolutely vital these two violent individuals are caught and made an example of. People have to know that this sort of anti-social is totally unacceptable and unforgivable.

There can be no excuse for it whatsoever.

Taxi drivers have a tough job. Often their customers are drunk, rowdy and occasionally violent - as this incident so sorely proves.

Taxi drivers in Aylesbury went on strike last year in response to rising acts of violence towards them.

We don't want this to happen in the Wycombe district.

Would you be willing to rely on the buses and trains to get you about late at night?