THE people of Marlow should be both proud and honoured by the splendid outcome of the Marlow Town Regatta and Festival.

The spirited team that so competently came together to organise the event, from scratch and at very short notice, are to be commended.

Half the month of June's rain fell on the day but it did not deter or dampen the spirit of the rowers or subscribers. It appears that the event attracted the highest ever number of rowing entries for a Marlow regatta.

All this can only bode well for the future of rowing in the town and act as a feeder into the Eton Dorney and other events for the more aspiring and competitive.

In parallel with all of this a most historical and convivial social event in the town's calendar has been saved for its residents.

Let us now hope and encourage wiser counsel, so that co-operation between the old and new events is fostered, to ensure both of their objectives continue to be achieved, in the best interest of rowing and Marlow.

It is perhaps worth noting that, when General Sir George Higginson donated Court Gardens and Park to the town, he secured the setting and probably the future of rowing in Marlow.

It is, therefore, appropriate that as residents we ensure that one of Marlow's greatest public assets continues to be used in a way that the general would have appreciated and enjoyed.

To his memory we owe a debt for the endless pleasure Higginson Park affords to Marlovians and visitors alike. It is appropriate, therefore, that we provide all possible support for the future to the new regatta and its management team. In doing so we protect our inheritance.

J A & M F Shannon

River Park Drive