ASPIRING model Kitty Spicer took the first steps towards her dream career when she won a competition to find a New Face For the Summer.

Kitty, 12, of Marlow, went in for Shout magazine's model competition and now has a year's contract. She is currently on the cover of this month's edition of the magazine.

Lucky Kitty, who only got to know about the competition by chance, said: "My mum took me into town and I was a bit grumpy so she bought me the magazine. The competition was in there and I always wanted to be a model so I went in for it."

She said she was really shocked when she was picked as a finalist.

She added: "When we got to London and I saw the other girls I thought a lot of them were in with a good chance.

"I am getting quite a few jobs at the moment. I have a year-and-a-half contract, but they usually keep you on their books until the age of 16. I might stop then as I want to be a clothes designer when I'm older."

She said her friends at Pipers Corner School, Great Kingshill, are proud of her and they have bought copies of the magazine into class for her to sign.