This week I had the pleasure of being a guest presenter on Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio. A work colleague put my name forward to the producer as a volunteer and I thought I would give it a go.

The show I appeared on was the nightly request show. It is dedicated to playing music requested from patients and staff. In between records the main presenter and her ‘crew’ including yours truly, chatted about the topics of the day. Thrown in for good measure was ‘what’s on locally’ and ‘on this day’ – a segment containing interesting facts from this day in history.

Found on 1575 AM, Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio plays an important part in helping patients feel cared for and wanted at a time when they are not feeling their best.

The programme lasted two hours and the music list was brilliant. A mixture of old and the really new, it was terrific to listen to the music as well as chat.

All the presenters and show producers willingly volunteer their time and expertise to the station. Why not volunteer yourself? – I assure you that it is great fun and you will meet great people. Call 01296 33 1575 or visit