DOG lovers are in for a treat this week as High Societies takes a look at the Marlow Dog Training Club.

The club meets at Liston Hall in Liston Road every Monday evening.

Club chairman Ann Leonard regularly attends, and has two dogs – a border collie and a mixed-breed rescue dog.

She said: “It’s great fun. It’s a strong membership and it's meant to be fun.

“Once a month on the first Monday we do an agility course, which all the dogs love.

“The other Mondays it’s obedience because they have to be obedient to do agility.”

Agility courses involve guiding the dogs over see-saws, through tunnels and similar exercises.

The club runs a number of courses, including a six week Puppy Foundation Course, which teaches the animal basic good behaviour and how to socialise with other dogs.

After that pets can take part in the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme, which includes a bronze, silver and gold award.

This programme will begin by training a dog how to stay in one place when told to do so, and at the higher end animals will be taught to obey complex commands.

There is also a course to teach good behaviour to rescue dogs – dogs that have been taken into care by animal charities and then adopted into a new home.

The club employs an independent examiner to make sure that the animals are fully qualified to achieve their award.

One fifth of all the money taken for training goes to charity. Also, after the club has paid for the use of Liston Hall and other costs the remainder is donated to a dog charity which is chosen at an annual meeting.

Mrs Leonard said: “Anybody can join, but we invite people to come along and take a look first.

“Sometimes it isn’t what they’re looking for – they want something more competitive.

“A couple of us do competitions, but it's mostly about behaviour.”