MORE than 50 shoppers flooded into Wycombe’s brand new Primark store when it opened for business this morning.

The store is already packed with people, and more than 100 have piled in through the doors since the 9am opening.

Queues had been building outside the shop since around 7.10am, as eager customers flocked to see what the latest retail giant to arrive in town had to offer.

Clowns wandered through the waiting crowd to drum up even more excitement.

Belinda Blackaby, 45, a hairdresser from Wendover took the morning off work so she could be among the first through the shop’s doors.

She said: “I have a very understanding boss. We had to do a school run so we literally got here about five minutes before it opened.

“It’s fantastic and we have only just got in the first bit. We’re definitely going to be regular customers.”

She was there with friend and colleague Natalie Searle, 22.

Belinda added: “We have got to get as much as possible for everybody back at work and grab what we can.”

The new Primark is located in the Chiltern Centre, on the site of the old Marks and Spencer store.