FURIOUS villagers living along the B482 between Lane End and Stokenchurch have accused highways chiefs of entrapment – with speed cameras located purposely to catch unsuspecting motorists rather than reduce accidents.

Residents are concerned road safety has taken a back seat to revenue with enforcement cameras on stretches exiting villages, rather than slowing vehicles as they pass through.

David Vandersypen, of Harcourt Road, Stokenchurch, said: "Their agenda is totally wrong. Vehicles should be made to slow down as they enter a village not as they leave. There are stretches of Marlow Road which are heavily built up where the speed limit is 40 mph which is ridiculous.

"Some cars travel at more than 50 mph between Lane End and Cadmore End, straight past Cadmore End school. If that's not a suitable location for a speed camera I don't know where is. It's stinks of entrapment."

Anne Cripps, chair of governors at Cadmore End School, reinforced residents' sentiments. She said: "The school fence is only eight metres from the centre of the road so the B482 is a perfect location for a speed camera.

"We were thrilled when they introduced a camera in Lane End a few years ago because people used to fly through the village, but there's rarely any film in it these days.

"If county highways were to introduce a camera it would significantly reduce speeds along that stretch."

But Buckinghamshire County Council highways stress Government guidelines and police advice limit the siting of cameras.

Jim Stevenson, traffic management technician for High Wycombe, said: "We have not peppered the B482 with cameras, but it remains one of the routes we are concerned about. There's been a camera in Lane End for some years, while the camera in Stokenchurch was removed last year because of a declining accident rate.