WITH reference to the letter regarding drag hunting last week, what a rosy picture the correspondent paints of chasing and killing animals.

Riders cantering through the countryside enjoying the views and the wildlife!

May I remind him of the ultimate aim? To chase an animal, be it healthy, feeding young, rogue or otherwise, to kill it in the most barbaric way and all under the heading of "sport."

Prior to the chase the foxholes have been blocked by terrier men using material which invariably cannot be removed by either the animal trying to get in or the animals on the inside trying to get out. This making the fox unable to take refuge.

As for frequent stops the writer refers to for the hounds. These animals are bred for their speed and stamina.

If the writer had witnessed the debate in the House of Commons which went on for the best part of five hours he would have seen that the MPs who were pro-hunters had neither the welfare of the animals or the countryside at heart.

Those that wanted to continue this appalling activity were more concerned with "tradition" and income than any concern for the beautiful environment.

The MPs that want this activity brought to an end were level-headed, had the full facts to hand and delivered a very weighty argument.

As for the pro-hunters' concern for their own animals, the writer omits to mention the hounds that don't make the grade. They are put down. The hounds are not blood hungry. This too is taught. He also omits to mention the time the hounds are caught in barbed wire and suffer the most horrific injuries. The hunts that run out of control through private property terrifying people and pets alike.

Next time the writer deems to condemn those that oppose this dreadful activity he might like to arm himself with the facts.

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