A TRAFFIC warden has hit back at claims she is not doing enough to prevent cars being parked illegally in Princes Risborough.

Sue Pentecost told the Free Press she was left unhappy by the comments made during last month's town council meeting.

Miss Pentecost said: "I'm upset some people think this about me. I receive very positive support from most residents and businesses who know I work hard and achieve good results. I am firm but fair."

The mother-of-one felt rather than failing to prevent the law from being broken she was actually providing valuable assistance in crime prevention.

The 44-year-old, who is employed by Thames Valley Police, added: "When I am on patrol in Princes Risborough the incidents of problem parking are greatly reduced.

"I also assist the community by reporting health and safety hazards I find whilst out on patrol. I believe I've achieved the right balance in the way I work – according to the feed back I have had."

Miss Pentecost, who also covers Marlow and Bourne End, has issued around 800 parking tickets in the line of duty since last September, including 18 in one day in Princes Risborough.

And in a warning to motorists who continued to park illegally in the town, she said: "Although I'm fair - they park illegally at their own risk."

Ben Benifer, town councillor, said: "I think the concern may have been someone was saying the current warden seems to spend a lot of time talking and less time issuing tickets."

Cllr John Coombs, confirmed an observation was made by a councillor during the meeting that the traffic warden could perhaps be better employed than she is at the moment.