A COUPLE from Sands are baffled after seeing a mysterious red triangle that crossed the skies of High Wycombe last night.

At around 8.20pm Hilary Payne was inside her home in Lane End Road when her husband Garry, who was working in the garden, called her to look at the strange object in the sky.

She said: “It made absolutely no sound, coming from west to east as if it was coming over from West Wycombe Estate.

“We were quite spooked out by it, my husband and I.”

She said that the strange, silent object disappeared over Desborough Woods as mysteriously as it came.

The couple called the police, who came over to their house to speak to them.

Mrs Payne said that it was difficult to judge the height and speed of the object due to the fact that it made no noise.

She said that it seemed to be burning, and she initially thought it was a meteor.

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