DRIVERS have been caught unprepared for the freezing weather which has gripped south Bucks for the past two days, according to motoring organisations.

The ice and snow have lead to treacherous conditions on roads around the area, and caught many drivers unprepared to defrost their cars.

However, one expert has warned people not to pour boiling water on their car windscreens to de-ice them, or risk shattering the glass.

Steve Pitwood-Brown, an engineer with glass manufacturer PSV Glass based in Sands, High Wycombe, explained: “The hot water going onto freezing glass creates what is called thermal shock.

“Any imperfections in the glass which are filled with ice expand and shatter the windscreen, which is obviously very costly.

“You can use cooler water, but the problem is that it will freeze itself.”

Drivers have also been warned against using things like credit cards to scrape off the glass.

Mr Pitwood-Brown said: “Some people think that by scraping off the snow you will scratch the glass, but this is not the case as long as you use a proper scraper.

“Having a heated front windscreen is the best way to clear ice, but that is not always cost-effective for the three or four days a year you really need it.

“De-icer can also be effective, although some of them can leave a liquid on the windscreen. You can buy some products which stop the ice forming in the first place, which are also a good bet.”

He also warned against using frozen windscreen wipers to clear the view, saying you risk wearing out the rubber and burning out the motor.

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