COMMUNICATIONS giant Orange are analysing results of tests carried out across Marlow to find possible alternatives to the controversial Foxes Piece antenna site.

In October 2008 Orange was granted permission to build a mast at the junction of Foxes Piece and Little Marlow Road after Wycombe District Council failed to object to the plan.

Residents wrote to council in their hundreds to object, and since then the council has been in discussions with Orange to try to find an alternative site.

The mobile phone operator has finished testing a series of temporary antennas across Marlow, which it set up in January, and is now looking at the results.

Orange spokesman Rebecca D'Arcy said: “ The surveys were carried out and the results are currently being analysed and drawn up so that we can discuss them with the council and decide the best way forward.

“We are committed to making sure that the public are kept informed of progress and Orange will release a full statement of intent once a final decision has been made.”