EVERY week Wycombe Talking Newspaper provides almost 200 visually handicapped people in our community with access to local news by means of a cassette tape.

Each Friday a Talking Newspaper editor selects items to be read from the local newspapers. Readers record these onto a master cassette which is copied using fast, multi-port copiers, to produce a cassette for each recipient.

These are mailed free of charge, using the Post Office Articles for the Blind scheme, so that recipients can listen to them in their homes. When they have listened to the recording they reverse the address label on the specially designed wallet and return the cassette, free of charge, to the Talking Newspaper so that it can be reused.

This is a free service. if you know a visually handicapped person who is not receiving a cassette but might like to do so, please let us know. We will send them a copy of our next edition.

Our helpers – editors, readers, copyists, recording engineers – are all volunteers. We do our job because we enjoy it and to bring pleasure to those who receive the tapes. If you would like to help too, please get in touch with us.

The Wycombe Talking Newspaper can be contacted via the secretary, Judy Mason, at 76A Carrington Road, High Wycombe HP12 3HT.