MORE police have been drafted in to try and catch arsonists who have been plaguing Castlefield for the past fortnight.

At a meeting of the Catlefield-Oakridge Trust last night the officer in charge of the investigation reassured people the police were doing everything they can to catch the culprit.

Detective Inspector Ken Mahon told the assembled crowd: “We believe people in the community do know or have suspicions about it, and we need these people to come forward.

“Our main concern now is to prevent further fires. To that end we have stepped up patrols and are bringing in staff from the whole of the Bucks area to be more high profile.

“We have also brought in more detectives to assist with the investigation, and we are hopeful that with your help we can resolve these matters.”

Residents at the meeting raised concerns about the level of coverage of CCTV in the area, with one man saying people felt “terrorised” in their own homes.

They were told the cameras were constantly monitored, although there are only to staff in the High Wycombe control room at any one time monitoring 200 cameras.

Officers from High Wycombe fire station also gave a fire safety talk, reminding people not to leave rubbish in their gardens which could be set alight.

They were also thanked for their response to the fires by the 50 people in attendance.