CONSERVATIONIST Judy Gilbert has been told by a church she cannot set up a stall for an animal charity in its grounds, as it has links with the League Against Cruel Sports.

All Saints Parish Church in Castle Street, High Wycombe, has banned Working for Wildlife, which has held a second-hand stall in its yard for the last six years, as it says it is too political.

Mrs Gilbert, from the charity, said they want to raise the money as it needs a quad bike for use on its sanctuaries.

She added: "Working for Wildlife is a non-political charity but the church has rejected us because of our link with an organisation that wishes to ban the cruel and un-Christian activity of fox hunting.

"I'm rather hurt that our local church could take this attitude towards us. It seems that they are selective with their Christianity.

"I would have thought that those who believe in the creation, should embrace those of us who wish to care for and protect our natural world."

Mrs Gilbert, who lives in Beacons Bottom, High Wycombe, added: "We just politely asked them for a table top sale and it is not like we ask them every week."

Working for Wildlife is a conservation and education charity that gives a solution to reversing the decline of wildlife habitats and encourages the best conditions for animals and plants to flourish.

Richard Locke, one of the church wardens and vice chairman of the church council, said that at the parochial church meeting on July 15 it was discussed that the charity has links with the League Against Cruel Sports, so it was against its policy to let it set up stalls in the grounds.

He said: "It would be at the vicar's discretion, as guided by the church council. Unfortunately as they work for Working for Wildlife it is relating to the League Against Cruel Sports."