LEISURE supremo Cllr Tony Green has said that Holywell Mead will not be bulldozed.

Speaking at the unveiling of £125,000 worth of gym equipment at Wycombe Sports Centre on Tuesday, Cllr Green stated the open air pool was being 'mothballed' and Wycombe District Council are 'open to offers' from perspective contractors.

The council agreed to keep the swimming pool, by the Rye, closed throughout the summer in February to save more than £66,000 a year, sparking mass protests from swimmers and residents.

Cllr Green said: “Hollywell Mead will not be bulldozed or shutdown, the facility will still be there, as a leisure facility, but we are Mothballing it and it will not be opened this summer.

“However, we are open to offers and if a leisure company, like a Parkwood, comes to us with a proposal and a way to open and run it, then we will of course listen.

“While the swimming pool at Wycombe Sports Centre is an old facility, it is also a very serviceable facility which is very popular within the town and we will be looking to keep it that way over the coming four year contract with Parkwood.”

Cllr Green also told the Bucks Free Press the on-running saga with former WDC leisure contractor, Nexus, was almost at an end after the two parties reached an agreement over staff data and gym memberships, leaving just minor details to be ironed out.

He said: “Most of the major issues with Nexus are resolved, there are still a few minor details to be sorted out and we will be looking to do that over the coming week or so.

“We were unable to draw up a full inventory list and check everything before they moved out, so we need to work out what is ours, what is theirs and make sure everything is above board – but we're in talks and it should be resolved quickly.

“Nexus owned the old gym equipment and quite rightly took it with them when they left, which is why we invested £250,000 in the new equipment at Marlow and Handy Cross.”

He also added that no structural work is planned for WDC leisure centres until a decision is made over future developments but did confirm the council would carry out upgrades and running maintenance within the council's budget.

He said: “We have a number of options such as to build on these early improvements and totally refurbish the centre or to knock it down build a new complex.

“But I'm very positive about the future – Parkwood is putting in a lot of effort, we're putting in money to make sure we can continue to improve and offer good services at our leisure centres, and together we can push the centres forward.”