ANGRY residents are demanding answers from the county council following the latest measure to restrict parking in Princes Risborough.

Bollards have been put up on the grass verges in Station Road, where parking is already limited by double yellow lines.

Geoff Ribbens, who lives in Station Road, said: "I've done a survey and 99 per cent of the residents on this street are opposed to it. It's creating conflict between neighbours and it's near enough civil unrest.

"People are parking on double yellow lines and taking the risk."

Mr Ribbens and other residents have offered to pay for hard standing, which they believe would create six car parking spaces where the grass verge is. But they are annoyed they have not been consulted and many have penned letters to Bucks county councillor Dennis Green.

Bill Wright, who also lives in Station Road, said: "It just seems remarkable that they have done this without any consideration for people's safety.

"The cars along the road are effective at traffic calming. There's quite a number of young people in the street and we are grateful for anything that contributes to slowing the traffic up.

Pauline Watts, who lives next door to Mr Ribbens said: "Whatever policy it is, we really would like the residents to be consulted. We've been complaining for years about lack of parking. I want to know who's palm is being greased here."

Dave Davies, landlord at the Bird in Hand pub in Station Road, said: "It is affecting trade. Regulars have told me that they've gone round the block because they couldn't find anywhere to park, and they've found somewhere else to go."

Ian Reed, local area co-ordinator at Bucks County Council, said the bollards had been put there on the request of Cllr Green, who was acting on the feedback of residents in the area.

He said: "You will never get 100 per cent agreement on grass verges. Some people want them, some people don't.

"They shouldn't be parking there. There's a wall that is threatened by parking and the bollards are a physical encouragement not to do an illegal act. How can you have consultation on an illegal act?"

Mr Reed said he was not aware of requests for hard standing.

Cllr Green was unavailable for comment.