DRIVERS who were told road humps in Micklefield Road could not be altered because a lack of money are furious after work was carried out on similar bumps in Daws Hill Lane.

Motorists claim the bumps at Micklefield Road are too high and want them altered, replaced or made lower but Buckinghamshire County Council say it would cost them £30,000.

However people who use Daws Hill Lane say its bumps are now easier to drive over after work was done two weeks ago and they want the same in Micklefield Road.

Zoe Armstrong-Jones from Woodside Road said: "I was driving through Daws Hill Lane and I saw workmen re-skimming their speed bumps. My car does not bang when I go over those now.

"I have to use the road humps in Micklefield Road every day and I find it a real nuisance. I have a 4x4 and it bangs every time. I have no problem with the bumps. It is just the height of them."

A petition with more than a thousand signatures was organised by councillor Kathy Dix, demanding a replacement of the seven humps between Micklefield bridge and Hicks Farm Rise junction.

The measures were installed in 2001 as Micklefield Road was classed as a major rat run after 15 people had been injured as a result of accidents in three years. Since the humps had been installed there has only been one accident.

Ian Reed, The council's area co-ordinator, said: "The humps at Daws Hill Lane have been there for a while and they needed repairing. That was done as part of the maintenance and that request came in during this financial year."

Mr Reed added that Micklefield Road had been a "success story" in reducing casualties and a report has been made for Cllr Rodney Royston, the council's cabinet member for transport, for him to make a decision on the humps.