Children are being urged to keep themselves safe by being more visible on the roadsides as part of the Government's road safety campaign.

The Government's THINK road safety campaign is urging children to "Be Safe, Be Seen" on dark winter mornings and evenings. Last year, 31 children were killed in pedestrian accidents during the darker months, and 1,070 were seriously injured.

The campaign will highlight the fact children should wear fluorescent clothes when out on the roads in the day and reflective clothes when out at night through a new TV advert featuring the well known singing road safety hedgehog characters.

During the half-term break last week, road safety officers from Bucks County Council organised poster displays in libraries and gave out fluorescent and reflective postcards.

The team also has resources that schools can borrow to highlight the dangers of not being properly visible at night. Sue Brown, Bucks road safety team leader, said: "With the clocks going back and the nights getting darker, it's more important than ever that children and young people think about being seen when they're out on the road.

"Wearing fluorescent clothing during the day and reflective clothing at night could save your life, so if you want to Be Safe – Be Seen."

The Government has set a target for a 50 per cent reduction in the number of children killed or seriously injured on the roads by 2010 compared to the 1994-1998 average.

In 2002 the number of children killed or seriously injured fell by 33 per cent.

David Jamieson, road safety minister said: "At this time of year it's vital for parents and children alike to start thinking about safety and visibility.

"Although the number of child pedestrians and cyclists killed or injured on our roads has fallen since last year, every child killed or injured is one too many."

Anyone wishing to obtain Be Safe Be Seen resources or speak to a road safety officer should contact Sue Brown on 01296 382 450.