I READ with utter horror, disbelief and disgust at a letter sent in by a "vet" stating that hunting wild animals was humane.

What an appalling view and from a profession that is supposed to work and care for animals, be they domestic or wild.

His reasons for this incredible approach to justifying hunting wild animals were nothing short of scandalous.

That wild animals are used to being hunted makes it alright! What he conveniently forgets is that the dogs used for such hunts are bred for their stamina. Far capable of outrunning any wild animal, running them to exhaustion.

His comment that wild animals lack complex brain and mental abilities to perceive fear and death is unbelievable. Why does he suppose they run for their lives?

That for the major part of a hunt the quarry is under no abnormal stress – why does he suppose they are running? They are trying to hide – trying to escape.

That stress in the short final stage of a hunt is equivalent to no more than strenuous exercise – where does this vet get his ideas from?

The kill is almost instantaneous and above all certain! Has he ever witnessed a kill? There cannot be anything worse than an animal run to exhaustion, and then pulled from limb to limb its guts being strewn all over the ground in a frenzy of blood lust, and in the name of animal welfare.

Stress-induced analgesia will mitigate any pain – so the poor unfortunate animal cannot feel when its legs are being pulled out of its body!

Hunting performs a vital search and dispatch function for the weak and sick – no it does not – it terrorises and dispatches anything and everything it can catch.

Uniquely selective – where does he get this notion from? Unfortunately nature has to take a part in the dispatching of wild animals that are weak or sick. This is the way of nature.

Trying to justify hunting is a barbaric shameful past time committed by in human beings.

This "vet's" justification for the hunting and killing of our wild life is beyond belief. May I suggest he enlightens himself with the real facts instead of writing outrageous and sickening excuses for this "sport" to continue?

My vet in no way wants to be included in his views in any way shape or form, and is equally appalled and ashamed at a fellow practitioner with these attitudes.

Maybe he and colleagues should consider another profession.

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