A MARATHON runner had a novel way of raising money yesterday – by having a bucket collection while on the run.

Tom Harrison collected loose change from people who had come to watch the London marathon while he made his way round the 26-mile course.

On his previous go at the marathon Mr Harrison, of Springfields, Amersham, took three hours eight minutes – but yesterday he recorded a time of seven hours 16 minutes.

He said: “I offloaded two lots to different people around the course and still got another heavy rucksack full.

“I'd picked up a bit of an injury but I already had a place and thought 'There's no way I'm not going to do this'.

“I thought I may as well do something else worthwhile.

“Now my arms ache, as well as my legs.”

Mr Harrison's partner, Sue, also took part in the marathon – and beat his time, coming in after three hours 59 minutes.

He said: “She wanted to do it in under four hours, so it was job done.”

Both were raising money for SENSE, a charity for deaf-blind children – but so far Mr Harrison has not had chance to count what was put into his buckets.

He added he planned to enter the marathon again next year and was looking to beat his personal best.