A HUGE billboard promoting the UK Independence Party in West Wycombe Road has been defaced.

A sign has been stuck over an image of Winston Churchill used on the poster promoting the party's opposition to unlimited European immigration which reads “Winston Churchill was better than this”.

The board is part of a high profile campaign by the party, which opposes the UK's involvement in the European Union, ahead of the elections on June 4.

Clive Page, a spokesman for the party, said this was the first time he had eard of such an attack on their billboards.

He said: "We have 1,300 or 1,400 of these billboards across the country, and not one of them has been attacked as far as I'm aware.

"There are better ways to show what you think, it's called the ballot box. Political protest is a basic right in this country, but I think they could have picked a better way to do it.

"Winston churchill does deserve better than to have his face defaced by someone."

The full text of the poster reads: “Say no to unlimited immigration. Take back control from Brussels. Vote UKIP on June 4.”