WYCOMBE MP Paul Goodman has quit Parliament over the expenses scandal.

The 49-year-old said he was not standing down over his own claims, revealed for the first time by the Bucks Free Press today.

Instead, he said he was disillusioned over the rise of “professional politicians”.

He said: “The tragedy of the expenses scandal is that the patient is likely to receive a bigger dose of the medicine that’s causing the illness – namely professional politics.”

Today the Free Press reveals Mr Goodman claimed for items including a cot and stairgate.

And we can disclose further details of Aylesbury MP David Lidington’s claims after being handed his censored expenses from 2004 to 2008.

For our four-page expenses special pick up your copy of the Bucks Free Press.

Political figures in Wycombe this morning gave their reaction to the news.

Wycombe Conservatives chairman Bob Woollard said: “We will be sad to see him go. He has been a good MP, there is no question about that.

“They are his personal reasons for going, clearly his mind has been made up.”

Asked if he agreed with Mr Goodman’s reasons for going Mr Woollard said: “It is not my place to disagree. He has reached his decision.”

He said he was told the news along with agent Susan Hynard yesterday and the party would soon look for his replacement.

Conservative Wycombe District Council leader Lesley Clarke said the news came as a “big surprise” and said he had been a “genuine and honest” MP.

She said: “I am just very sad, very sad indeed. I think Paul’s a good MP, we work very well together.

“He has to look after himself. I think when you feel you have done your bit, we all get to that time when we feel we have to move on.

“He has done the brave thing. A lot of people don’t move on, you only have to look at some of the MPs and councillors who have been there year on year on year.

“You have to say to them “what have you done? You have not done anything.”

Tory Buckinghamshire County Council deputy leader Bill Chapple said: “My first reaction is that it is a tremendous shock for Wycombe because he is well regarded.

“I have enjoyed working with him. He is an incredibly intelligent and diligent MP and always gets to the bottom of any issue in order to solve it.”

He said: “A lot of people in Wycombe I expect would be asking him to reconsider his position because he is held in high regard.”

District council Liberal Democrat leader Brian Pollock said: “I appreciate the work Paul has done for Wycombe.

“We will look forward to taking the fight to anybody who happens to stand for the Conservative Party at the next election.”

District councillor Steve Guy is to stand at the election for the party.

John Barlow, agent for Wycombe Labour Party, said: “I have always said that Paul Goodman has been a good constituency MP even though I have fundamental differences with his politics.”

The party has announced 25-year-old research scientist Andrew Lomas as its candidate for the next election, which has to be called by June next year.

Mr Barlow said: “I am surprised he has gone but Labour has an excellent candidate that will rise to the occasion and take the seat.”