SCANTILY clad girls parading around on stage and jokes rude enough to redden your cheeks are not quite what you'd expect from a Christmas pantomime at Wycombe Swan Town Hall - but then Puss and Dick is something quite different.

As the name suggests, Puss and Dick is saucy, smutty and racy - and not for the faint-hearted.

Adam Astill, who plays the scheming Lord Mayor of London in this adult romp of a pantomime, tells me that a Swan manager saw the adult show at Hitchin's Market Theatre, and decided it would go down well in High Wycombe.

Puss and Dick is inspired by the classic fairytale Dick Whittington.

Adam explains: "It's nothing you would not get on late night television. There's no nudity, but there's more than enough flesh on show."

So not a show for granny and grandad then? Adam says: "Our audience members range from 18 to 80. Whatever their age, they will have a good time.

"It's hilarious. It's definitely very rude, very saucy and not for the easily offended."

Puss and Dick was the brainchild of ambitious director Mike Ockwell, who owns and oversees every aspect of writing and production at The Market Theatre, a unique theatre project in Hitchin.

It tells the story of the unbelievably stupid Dick and his invisible friend Harry who teams up with the petulant Puss to try and outwit the evil Lord Mayor of London.

Sultry blonde Helen Rolls plays Puss with Richard Waterhouse starring as Dick.

Adam says: "Basically I spend the entire panto trying to get into Puss's knickers through different ways, and want to stop Dick at all costs.

"Puss falls in love with Dick and I'm trying to stop it."

It's not the first time that Mike Ockwell has added a bit of spice to the traditional family panto with previous offerings including a smutty take on Hansel and Gretel, aptly called Handson and Gropel.

Adam says that although the show is the only one of its kind touring the country, the idea is really catching on.

"The audiences are getting bigger and bigger, and we're gathering a bit of a cult following.

"I don't think there's any other pantomime like it in the country, but people really seem to enjoy it. It's a fabulous idea and works really well."

Despite its added dimensions, Puss and Dick does not stray too far from the traditional pantomime format.

Adam says: "There's lots of audience participation with booing and hissing. It's just like any other panto, but a lot ruder. It's high energy, very fast paced and incredibly funny."

All that prancing around with semi-clad women on stage begs the question, what's the show's lure for Adam?

He laughs: "I really like doing it as it's a good change from the usual pantomime stuff and it's a really good laugh."

So if hilarious sexual innuendo and corny comedy along the lines of Carry On meets Benny Hill are your thing, join them rolling in the aisles in the Town Hall.

Puss and Dick is at Wycombe Swan Town Hall from January 7 to 10, January 14 to 17 and January 21 to 24. 01494 512000