TO put meat on the dining table, it is obvious that an animal has to die.

Most people want reassurance that the slaughter of these animals is painless, but the latest research by the Government’s own welfare advisory body, The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC), makes for troubling reading.

They recently published a report into the slaughter of poultry in Britain, which says that there is no ideal way to kill animals for meat – which pretty much blows out of the water the myth of humane slaughter.

Staggeringly, in Britain each year we kill 853 million chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Most of these are on conveyor belts of slaughter, with often over 10,000 poultry dying each hour. FAWC is concerned that it would be difficult to guarantee the welfare of individual birds at this rate.

Many birds are live shackled (upside down) before slaughter, which they said can cause considerable pain and distress and should be phased out.

They were also gravely concerned that many birds could miss stunning altogether and have their throats cut whilst they are fully conscious. Incredibly, slaughtermen are issued with a licence for life and are never reassessed.

In cutbacks, the Meat Hygiene Service has stopped publishing data that shows compliance with animal welfare legislation.

You have to ask yourself, what exactly goes on behind the closed doors of the slaughterhouse and why is it not being recorded?

Every meat-eater has a responsibility to know what happens to the animals they eat.

However, as government continues to fail on welfare – and if you no longer want to be a part of this vicious cycle – you can end this suffering by simply not eating them.

The average Brit consumes 11,047 animals in their lifetime – that’s how many you could save by simply making the choice for life and go veggie!

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Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva!