RE: ‘Stop eating meat’ by Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager of Viva (Letters, July 3).

I WONDER if he has ever worked in a slaughterhouse. I was a slaughterman/ butcher for 40 years and in that time I have killed many animals and birds. None of them were killed on a conveyor belt.

Chickens, etc, were not hung upside down to have their throats cut. If this happened, the slaughtermen would be covered in blood. A ratchet is used, the bird is held and the kill is quick.

As to what goes on behind closed doors, well all premises are inspected by health and food inspectors every day before work starts, again at midday and yet again at the close of the day. Strict procedures are followed as to hygiene and humanity to the animals.

People have a choice whether to eat meat or not I agree, but if everyone became vegetarian, not only would butchers and farmers be out of work, but also all fast-food shop workers and other workers who deal with the sale of animal goods.

There would not be any wool or leather goods from sheep or cattle. There would be no point in having dairy farms.

Only cows that have given birth produce milk and calves would not be needed if they could not be sold on for meat so there would not be any milk, butter, cheese or any other milk products. Without chicken farms there would not be any eggs so no cakes, omelettes etc.

All health workers know that meat is a first class protein.

This is most easily digested by the body for the renewal of the body’s cells which are worn out by daily living. All vegetable protein is second class. It takes longer to break down in the body and is not so efficient.

Not everyone feels as you do and some people actually enjoy eating meat.

Alan Irvine, Guinions Road, High Wycombe.