AN ANGRY dog walker took out his frustration over cars parked on a pavement by smashing a wing mirror in front of three watching children.

The man was walking up Main Road, Naphill with his pet and called one of two drivers who had parked two wheels on the kerb a “prat” before lashing out at the second car.

Neil McDonald, 41, a salesman, said his partner Chantelle Walton - one of the drivers - had gone to deliver a birthday card to her brother-in-law’s home, which is about a mile up the road from their house, but his driveway was full.

She parked two wheels on the kerb to avoid blocking main road.

He said: “She left more than enough room for other people to walk past.

“Someone else had done the same about the same time and then this angry chap came along.

“He called the other motorist who had just parked there - a relative of Chantelle’s brother-in-law - a prat in front of the three children, who were a bit alarmed about it, and then he said ‘this one’s a prat for parking here as well’ and smashed the wing mirror.

“The children were somewhat terrorised and my partner was frightened."

Mr McDonald said: "You might expect it over some long running parking dispute in an inner city but not by a dog walker in Naphill.

“What right does he have?”

The two boys and one girl are all between the ages of ten and 14.

The family face around a £100 bill to fix the mirror.

Mr McDonald reported the incident to police but they were unable to confirm the details currently.