PEOPLE of different religious beliefs came together to learn more about the holy Islamic month of Ramadan last night.

Muslims and non-Muslims met up at the Wycombe Islamic Society in Totteridge Road to learn about peoples' beliefs and the reasons Muslims fast during Ramadan.

Yesterday saw the holy month enter its final ten days, which are considered the most blessed by Muslims.

Visitors joined regulars at the mosque for Iftar, the meal which brings an end to fasting at the end of each day, after sunset prayers started at 7.33pm.

Zahid Jawed of the Wycombe Islamic Society said: “People have really enjoyed it and found it a fascinating insight into Islam, and we've enjoyed having them here.

“When people come here and talk to us, they go out in the community and say good things about us, that's why we do it.

“It's not about numbers coming through the door, it's about improving the opportunities for them to come.”

The Imam of the mosque, Abu Sohaib, gave a talk to visitors explaining what Ramadan meant to Muslims and the reasons for fasting.

Believers must abstain from all food, drink, gum chewing and any kind of tobacco use or sexual contact between dawn and sunset during Ramadan.

The Imam said fasting increased peoples' desires to eat and drink, meaning desires to do bad things decreased as people are better able to control themselves.

Some non-Muslim visitors tried to join in with the fasting – but not everyone lasted the distance.

Sarah Poolman, a police officer who works in High Wycombe, said: “I tried fasting but I had a banana for lunch and by half one I had to give in to craving.”

She added: “I have learned quite a bit tonight. The Imam was a great speaker.”