OVERGROWN roundabouts in Wycombe are driving people mad.

Since the Free Press first reported complaints by residents about the poor condition of roundabouts in High Wycombe, others have contacted the paper to voice concerns.

Doreen Ellis, of Askett near Princes Risborough, contacted the Free Press to complain about a roundabout on the A4010, which she claims is dangerous to traffic.

Mrs Ellis said the roundabout, sponsored by the Iain Rennie Hospice at Home, is so overgrown it is a hazard.

She said: "The grass has been growing up for more than six weeks now.

"We have been trying very hard to have something done about it for a while but the county council has said that as the roundabout is sponsored it is out of their control.

Mrs Ellis said: "You cannot see something coming the other way. I have headed into the direction of something coming from the right and that was a four wheel drive car.

"The next time I went out I looked, and saw two cars coming round the corner."

A Buckinghamshire County council spokesman said: "The county council adopts the roundabout so it is responsible for the upkeep. We can allow individual companies etc to advertise on the roundabout if they provide an annual fee but the county council remains responsible for maintaining it."