STUDENT Ajmal Hussain said he broke into a business and stole a laptop because he 'needed it for his information technology course' at Amersham and Wycombe College.

High Wycombe Magistrates Court heard how the 19-year-old thought the laptop would come in useful for his course at the college's Amersham campus in Stanley Hill.

Hussain, of Rutland Avenue, in High Wycombe, pleaded guilty to entering as a trespasser at Hands furniture makers, in Dashwood Avenue, High Wycombe, and to going equipped with a screwdriver to break in.

Chris Fairweather, mitigating, told magistrates last Tuesday: "The laptop computer he had his eye on was for a college course at Amersham College, a GNVQ in IT."

Balbir Seyan, prosecuting, said Hussain forced the glass in the door of the High Wycombe business and reached in and entered the premises at 10.25pm.

The court heard that he then selected a laptop computer and personal organiser but was spotted by police officers and taken to High Wycombe Police Station where Hussain admitted going into the premises and trying to steal the items.

The court heard that he had a previous record of failing to surrender to bail.

But Mr Fairweather, defending, said Hussain did have a part-time job at a market research company from 5pm to 9pm for three days a week, was dedicated to his college course and had close ties in the community.

A plea for bail was refused and magistrates ordered Hussain to remain in custody until October 11 when he is due to come back before the court.