A FORMER High Wycombe town mayor has re-issued a rallying cry to residents to get behind the Hand Back Our Hospital campaign ahead of crunch talks with health chiefs at Westminster.

Darren Hayday and Wycombe MP Paul Goodman are due to meet Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley next Wednesday in a bid to gain support for Wycombe Hospital should the Conservatives win the next General Election.

The pair hope the meeting could be the first step on the road to Foundation Status for Wycombe Hospital which would see the formulation of an elected board of members to make decisions.

The Bucks Free Press, relaunched its Hand Back Our Hospital campaign three weeks ago following the transfer of key hospital services to Stoke Mandeville.

And more than 160 petition slips and emails from worried readers have flooded the BFP office – all of which will be presented to Mr Lansley to show the strength of feeling against the move.

Mr Hayday said: “I am encouraged by the early response shown by the public to this campaign.

“This is an issue close to everyone's hearts and people in the town are worried by the services our hospital has already lost and may lose in the future.

“I hope Paul and I can get some commitments from the Shadow Health Secretary because there may well be a Conservative Government in place by the summer and we need as many people behind this campaign as we can get.”

Here is a snapshot of your views on the transfer of children's and women's services.

Ben Hatton, 31, from High Wycombe said: “We are considering having a child and the thought of having to travel for 40 minutes in the event of a complication us great cause for concern”.

Mr and Mrs Marshall of Lane End said: “What will happen to future generations like our grandchildren? It wastes a lot of money moving people around for something we could get to under our own steam.”

Violet Hatt, 76, from High Wycombe, said: “Wycombe needs its hospital – my granddaughter is pregnant and the thought of not having a doctor in attendance at the birth horrifies me unless she goes over to Stoke Mandeville.”

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