A RESIDENT has described a council as “wicked” for failing to cut down a “killer” tree in Jordans.

Angela Gibb said the tree, which overlooked Wilton Lane in the village, was "dangerous” and complained to Buckinghamshire County Council on numerous occasions about it.

But it was not on land owned by the council – meaning Mrs Gibb paid to have it cut down herself because of safety fears.

Mrs Gibb said: “It's very old and very dead. I complained for years but they said it's on their borderline. I was angry with their attitude.

“Our children play underneath it. It's wicked nothing was done. They could have been killed.”

She said Wilton Lane is often used as a shortcut by commuters who get on the train at Seer Green and Jordans train station.

The Copse Lane resident said: “It cost many hundreds of pounds but that's not the point. I would never have forgiven myself if someone had been killed without me having tried to do something about it.

“That tree was a killer. It exploded when it fell, it was so dead. People walking along said to me, 'Thank God it's coming down'

“The people who came to cut it down said they couldn't climb it. It was a reputable firm and they said it was a very dangerous tree.”

A spokesman for Buckinghamshire's Rights of Way team, said: “We are aware of Mrs Gibb's concerns about this, but have explained that Buckinghamshire County Council does not own the tree or this area of land.

“A full inspection was carried out when this was initially brought to our attention, and it would appear that the tree forms part of Mrs Gibb's boundary.”