REGARDING the recent debate relating to speeding offences, I have some views and a suggestion to make.

Travelling at 25 mph at 8.45am on a school day in winter may be within the law, but if the road is icy and you are driving near schools it can be dangerous.

Travelling at 85 mph in the summer on a dry day in a modern car on an empty motorway may be illegal but not necessarily dangerous. (In France or Germany it would be legal - are we not hoping to be in line with Europe on this).

What I suggest is with all the technology spent on Gatso (speed detection) cameras and the extra costs of administering the scheme, why not make it impossible for any vehicle to travel in excess of the maximum speed limit?

Also, let us have information signals sent, by devices along the road, to the engine management systems fitted on all new vehicles to prevent the driver being able to break the speed limit in the first place!

Oh, and that would mean on icy foggy school mornings the cars would be slowed down even more because of the signals allowing for weather conditions.

This would allow the police and courts to spend their resources on dealing with any crimes that wreck peoples lives.

David Smith Hazlemere Road Penn