BUS company Carousel has pulled one of its High Wycombe service routes after two buses were put out of action by potholes.

The firm has temporarily withdrawn its number 35 service which runs between High Wycombe and Loudwater because of the hazardous road conditions on Kingsmead Road.

Operations manager Noel Clark apologised to Kingsmead Road users for the temporary cut but said drivers “needed a Landrover not a bus” to get down the road after two buses were damaged by the potholes.

He said: “We run low-floor buses along that route to allow for easier access for wheelchairs and elderly bus users but we need a Landrover, not a bus, to get down there at the moment – it's awful.

“The route has been withdrawn for the time being, Buckinghamshire County Council has been informed and as soon as the roads are sorted we will put the service back on.

“We have had a couple of complaints from a few residents who waited at the bus stops before we could get the word out that it had been withdrawn.

“It's an important link for people but with the low-floor buses we cannot continue to go down there, which is an inconvenience for both bus users and us but it can't be helped”.

Area manager south for Transport for Buckinghamshire, Eric Meek, said Kingsmead Road, along with Totteridge Lane and Cressex Road, would be treated a week on Monday.

He added: “We are treating the the areas where large areas of potholes have been reported a week on Monday – we are now working out the plan for the crew.”

Buckinghamshire County Councillor Peter Cartwright said Carousel’s decision to suspend the service – which he said was subsidised by the council – had been a “unilateral action” and the council had not been notified before the announcement was made.

He said: “I just think it’s disappointing for residents – they are left high and dry for the sake of a week.

“I would have hoped they (Carousel) would have spoken to people before taking a decision – that’s not good customer relations.”

Cllr Cartwright added that repair work for the road had already been in the planning stages, and he had highlighted the pothole problems in an email to colleagues on January 3.

He said the reason for the delay was that specialist equipment and teams were needed to conduct a more substantial “plane and patch” repair, rather than simply fill in the holes.

Carousel confirmed it will continue to run regular services between Eden bus station and Loudwater along the London Road. Visit www.carouselbuses.com for more information.