THOUGHT-PROVOKING, funny and controversial – Colin Baker’s weekly column for The Bucks Free Press has been a regular read for 15 years – and his finest are now collected in a book.

The volume - entitled 'Look Who's Talking' - brings together more than 100 of his Look Who’s Talking columns from 1995 to 2009, a time in which the former Dr Who star has mused on everything from local issues, his life as an actor to his frequent dislike of political correctness.

Amazingly, the High Wycombe resident has never missed a column. He tells the BFP: “It gives me a certain amount of pride, I have never missed a week, ever. It is never been a case of ‘Colin Baker is on holiday’.”

Now approaching his 800th column, Colin is still going strong. He says: “One time, in 20 or 30, it is deadline and I am thinking ‘what do I write about?’ “But most weeks there is always something going on, sometimes nationally, sometimes locally, sometimes my life as an actor, sometimes moaning about political correctness.

“Everyone who is opinionated would relish the opportunity to sound off about it.”

He says: “Locally, I probably get more feedback from people about the column than I do about Dr Who.

“The rest of the country, I get stopped for Dr Who. Here I get people saying ‘well done what you said last week’.”

Not that his views always go down well with everyone. Colin, The Doctor from 1984 to 1986, says: “I am not trying to reflect public opinion, I am trying to reflect my own.”

Letters of ‘serious outrage’ are guaranteed to flood when speaking out on ‘nasty and naff’ fox hunting, says the dad-of-four, who was offered his weekly soapbox by BFP editor Steve Cohen after writing to the paper’s letters page.

Looking back, he says: “It has been very interesting. I revisit the same themes, even though I express it differently.

“I am quietly proud of it. It is not something when I was asked all those years ago that I thought I would be doing 15 years later. I would feel a little bereft if I was deprived of it.”

* 'Look Who's Talking', an independent book, is available at