I note that County Council have started to re-surface the roads albeit right at the edge of the Parish from the boundary stone in Packhorse Road.

They have already lifted the surface and although it is currently now very dangerous indeed, because there are no ramp signs and the drain covers are sitting proud, I must not be churlish and let us hope this good work continues.

Sibletts Wood: Following instructions from the Secretary of State the County Council are now dedicating the footpaths through Sibletts Wood. One of these paths is in fact an Ancient Path which has been in existence for I don't know how long. It is still, of course, open for those against this to appeal but it would appear that we are well on the way to having these footpaths once

again open to the public. Full marks to Anne Noble and her team whose dedication and perseverance with a little help from the Parish Council has paid off.

Crime and Disorder: Crime is bad enough but lets think about disorder. What is disorder? To my mind it is antisocial behaviour and regrettably we have a lot of that in Chalfont St. Peter such as litter, vandalism and inconsiderate parking. Talking of which I must revert back to an earlier article when I reported that someone with a so called Smart Car parked across the disabled ramp at the junction of Packhorse Road and Ethorpe Close. This is not strictly Chalfont St. Peter but I originally noticed this one Saturday and again today the same car was parked in the same position which means that disabled people in wheelchairs and mothers with pushchairs have to go down the curb

into the main road, which is horrendously dangerous, all because some inconsiderate person feels that because they have a small car they can park anywhere. This is disorder in the extreme. Unfortunately we can't afford to have the old beat Bobby and we see very little of Traffic Wardens these days but perhaps our friends in the police will read this article and slap a ticket on this vehicle and any others who apparently do not give any thought to others.

Winkers Farm: This is still rumbling on. However, the Government have recently underlined their commitment to preserving the Green Belt. We therefore definitely have a dilemma. Green Belt or low cost homes?

By Peter Lole