BLOOD Donors - the next session at the Village Hall will be on Friday, March 1, with two periods from 2 to 4pm and 5 to 6.45pm. For more information phone 08457 711711.

FOOTBALL and Naphill was knocked out of the Berks and Bucks Cup at the quarter final stage by being beaten 3 - 2 by Marsh Gibbon. Their two goals were scored by Jason Degelas and Daniel Admans, but they weren't quite enough. There are still lots of fixtures to play to keep in the Senior Section of the Wycombe District League.

COUNCILLOR Richard Pushman would value suggestions for the relocation of the recycling bins away from the present woodland site, where it is an eyesore when they overflow, to somewhere else in the village where that can be controlled. Another problem is rubbish dumped on Naphill Common, for which the District will prosecute offenders.

THE sad state of the listed barns at Walters Ash by the Bradenham Road junction is causing local concern. They should be a highly prized local historic landmark.

By Janet Idle