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TAXPAYERS should contribute to moving Wycombe Wanderers and London Wasps to a new stadium, most fans in favour of a move said in a survey.

About half of those surveyed at Saturday’s Wanderers game said they backed a move to Booker – and of those, two-thirds backed using council cash and land to help pay for it.

It comes following weeks of public debate over the issue. Wasps and Wanderers owner Steve Hayes has warned the rugby club could leave Wycombe unless a new home is found.

Conservative-controlled Wycombe District Council could sell land to finance the stadium, mooted to move from Adams Park to Wycombe Air Park.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Steve Guy, who organised the ballot, said: “It is clear from the results that the supporters are sharply divided.

“If the venture is to go ahead, I want assurances about how the money spent will bring tangible benefits to Wycombe tax payers.”

The Totteridge Councillor added: “Clearly having London Wasps playing in Wycombe is also a good thing.

“But we must be mindful of the long and proud history of Wycombe Wanderers.”

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But Mr Hayes dismissed the ballot as a ‘straw poll’.

He said: “What I would like to do is find out how the community feels about it, not just a few people walking up to a game. We had a crowd over 4,000.”

Fans who filled out the forms ‘haven’t got all the information’ he said. Meetings have been held behind closed doors at WDC with the press and public excluded. Mr Hayes has pledged to issue a ‘detailed’ public statement on the plans.

Mr Hayes said: “Anybody that I speak to, there are very few people that have negative comments about it. But I can’t take that as read.”

Yet WDC leader Councillor Lesley Clarke said: “I am quite pleased with that turnout.

“However, we will have wait and see what will go on and whether Booker is the preferred site.”

She said Cllr Guy conducted the ballot ‘completely too early’.

The first question was: “Are you in favour of moving from Adams Park to a new shared community stadium with the Wasps in Booker?”

A total 373 said yes and 389 said no.

The second question, for those who answered yes to the first, was: “Should Wycombe residents help pay for this new community stadium through local taxes/sale of publicly owned assets?”

Some 249 said yes, 114 said no and 10 said they had no opinion.

Fan reaction:

Fans spoken to by Midweek backed the move.

John Miller, 60, of Gomm Place, High Wycombe, said: “I think they definitely need a bigger stadium. You need somewhere near a motorway for visiting fans to get to.”

Company director Lawrie Read, 64, of the Three Households, Chalfont St Giles: “ I think it’s a good idea, the problem with this stadium is the access and coming and going has become more of a nightmare. Anything that improves that is good.”

Season ticket holder James Cairney, 67, said Wanderers would need a new stadium if promoted.

He said: “It would be alright here as long as they could find another way in or out.”

Lifelong fan Michael Chandler, 71, a chartered surveyor from Salisbury, said: “I’m for it because I think it will be a better position, the two clubs will be able to operate better.

“Wycombe benefits enormously commercially from the presence of the two clubs in the town.”

Lecturer Lorraine Dicker, 47, of Blind Lane, Bourne End said: “I’m very keen. I think it will be excellent for the clubs, this isn’t the easiest place to get to.

“Somewhere up near the motorway would be better.”

Michael White, 60, of Brimmers Hill, Widmer End, said: “We’d like to move, Wasps fill it up and Wanderers will if we go up again.”

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