CAT owner Lyndsey Haley has put up a £1,000 reward in a bid to find Lukey - her “furry baby” who went missing two weeks ago.

The Coleshill resident has been desperately searching for the ten-year-old cat, and said she will not give up until she finds him.

She said: “He just the sweetest little boy - everyone falls in love with him when they see him.

“I'd be so grateful to anyone that found him. They would be my absolute hero and I'd be crying all over them.

Lukey, who has red fur and green eyes, went missing on March 2 and Miss Haley said: “On the internet I found a story about a cat which turned up eight years later - so I won't give up.”

The 49-year-old fears the worst because Lukey has a heart condition which means he can “only go so long without his pills”.

She said: “I want to know so I can stop the search. I really thought I'd find him by now but if the point comes when I know he's gone I'll be devastated.”

Lukey also has a peachy/white coloured chest and Miss Haley said his brother Morphy has also been looking for him.

She said: “Morphy's been putting his head down rabbit boroughs and looking down drains for him – he's really upset.

“I'm not a mad cat woman but I absolutely adore my furry babies and dote on them. I've never wanted to have children but I've always loved having cats.

If you have found Lukey or have any information at all as to his whereabouts contact Animal Search UK on 0800 4 320 340 or email Capture is not necessary for reward to be paid, information needed that leads to his safe return. The reward will be paid at the owner/insurance company’s discretion.