GAY people have written to the owners of a bed and breakfast supporting their decision not to allow two men to share a bed.

Mike Wilkinson, who runs the Swiss B&B in Cookham with wife Susanne, said more people were supporting their decision.

The Christians hit national headlines on Monday for refusing to let refusing Michael Black and John Morgan stay on Friday night. They could have broken equality laws, police said.

Mr Wilkinson said initial messages of support counted for about ten to 15 per cent of comments received – but this has “changed a lot” since.

The couple said they ‘obey God’s laws’.

He said: “Several are from gay people saying they apologise for the publicity-seeking gentlemen and don't agree with that point of view and that we have the right who comes in to our home.”

An email, seen by The Bucks Free Press, said: “It takes courage to act like that and I think it is fine.

“I am gay myself and know that there are certain people that I would not want in my home or do business with for that matter.

“I reckon you receive a lot of hateful letters. So here is a smiling one.”

Another said: “I just wanted to write a note to say I fully understand your recent decision regarding feeling uncomfortable with allowing gay men book a room at your beautiful bed and breakfast.

“May I first say I am in my thirties and gay, and when travelling me and my partner would understand certain people would not feel comfortable with us booking a room at a bed and breakfast because of its intimate nature etc and we must understand other people’s feelings.

“I fully accept your decision and saddened to see how you have been treated! But stick by what you believe in.”

Mr Wilkinson, 55, said: “The majority now are positive, supporting our position and it's quite heartening. It's turned around.

“They look genuine the majority are coming through saying they are very sad about change sin the law and the state of the nation. They think it's all completely wrong.

“They say keep your chin up and we hope there will be some amendment in the law.”

Mr Black and Mr Morgan, from Cambridgeshire, were not available for comment this afternoon.

Police said any court action would have to be taken through the civil and not criminal courts.

A Thames Valley Police statement said: “The incident may be a breach of The Equalities Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007, which outlaws discrimination by businesses against gay, lesbian and bi-sexual people.

“It is not a criminal offence, so police will not be carrying out a criminal investigation.”

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